One of the most common complaints from civilian owners of the Tavor is the factory trigger pull. While the trigger from IWI has improved over the years, many shooters still desire something closer to the feel of an AR-15. Early Tavor rifles had a pull as high as 12lbs, while most factory rifles today are under the 9lb mark. But, with 3rd party trigger packs, 5lb, 4lb, and even 2lb configurations are possible.

Timney produces a replacement trigger pack that produces a 4lb single stage trigger. Despite initial issues, the current generation appears to work well in SAR-21 rifles.

Shooting Sight manufacturers their triggers with the option of a polymer or aluminum housing. This two stage trigger has a 5lb total pull, and 3lb second stage.

Geissele triggers have also gone through a few generations of updates. The first stage on this trigger pack is adjustable from 3.5 – 5.5 lbs, with the second stage being a fixed 2lbs.

Lightning Bow is a replacement trigger bow rather than a replacement pack. This unit has an adjustable set screw that can be used to add or remove slack from the trigger bar. Tightening the lightning bow allows for a true single stage trigger in the Tavor. When used with a factory IWI trigger pack, the lightning bow can produce 6.5lb single stage pulls.