The rise of the Tavor in the civilian market has opened the door for third party manufacturers to produce new aftermarket accessories. Unlike the military realm of rigidly issued firearms, the civilian world can customize their rifle to their hearts content. Some of the major upgrades and accessories are:


While a conventional rail mount on the handguard will allow you to mount a bipod, this system reduces the available grip space on the rifle. Tamir Porat, one of the original Israeli designers of the Tavor system, took his bipod concept to Fab Defense to manufacture the Tavor Podium. The Podium attaches onto the base of the trigger guard, and creates a center-point bipod with two collapsible legs. Similar to a US Army grip pod these are more of a folding rest than a true bipod. It serves as a convenient way to rest the rifle, without affecting the natural grip.

Replacement Fore-ends

A variety of replacement fore-ends are now available that add a larger rail space onto the Tavor’s handguard. Some companies produce a small 6 oclock picatinny rail that attaches to the factory handguard. But for 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock rails we see complete replacements using a variety of quick detach mounts. Some of these handguards extend forward over the barrel to create additional handguard length.

Aftermarket Optics Rails

Some shooters have found the existing picatinny rail too low or too heavy, and as a result there are a number of alternative optics rails available. These replacement rails do increase the height over bore of the rifle, but may result in a more comfortable cheek weld depending on the optics used.

Ejection Port Covers

Some shooters still find themselves impacted by excess gases venting around the piston. Two major manufacturers have produced replacement dust covers that promise to seal off the gas in that area from the shooter.

What’s useful and what isn’t?

That’s fundamentally up to you! But: when you build a rifle, build it with a purpose. Do you want it to be lightweight, because you’re carrying it all the time? Do need it for use in low light environments with a variety of lights and lasers? Do you want it fast and simple for competition? These are all things that will affect your choices differently.