Home of the IWI Tavor TAR-21 Rifle

Hey sorry! TAR21.com is undergoing a major update for 2014! In the meantime please enjoy this pretty picture of my CTAR-21 build:

6 thoughts on “Home of the IWI Tavor TAR-21 Rifle”

  1. I am a Law Enforcement Officer and I just purchased a Tavor. I need suggestions on a good tactical sling and where to find it.

    1. I recommend the Magpul MS4 sling. It can be used as a single or dual point sling. Very comfortable and functional. Cheers, Mike

  2. Will the “PTK Ergonomic Pointing Grip By Fab-Defense” work on the Tavor with the existing forearm grip or will it have to be replaced? If this grip will work, will i need to install the “UPT Tavor Picatinny Rail – Fab-defense” or a different one?

    1. Hi Ray! Using any kind of fore-grip or angled grip will require the addition of a rail, or replacing the fore-arm entirely.

      I would look at the Fab Defense or TREx rails, or consider the Gear Head Works replacement Forearm.

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